Find work as an event planner at one of Canada’s top venues

Event coordinators at venues require being a jack of all trades and master of ALL. Event coordinators at hotels, event centres and restaurants mean being in charge of every facet of weddings and corporate meeting and events.

You’ll usually be answering to the Sales & Marketing team but also the catering staff, management, the board, and obviously, your clients!

Clients range from brides and grooms to executive assistants and CEOs of large organizations and corporations.

During your client consults, you’ll educate and assist in every detail of their event ranging from guest numbers and tables sizes to menus, beverages, serving times, space options and… you get the picture. In this position, contracts and attention to detail are key.

Your resume should include a college diplomas in Event Management and some hands-on experience with events, though this isn’t always required.

If you’re looking to find work as an event coordinator at one of Canada’s top venues, click here.


Welcome to the board!

Ontario Canada Wedding Industry Jobs

The challenge:

At The Wedding Ring, we are often growing our team in different geographic and job areas (ie. London sales, part time Toronto trade show staff, freelance graphic designers…) but find it tricky to find who we want when we need them. Especially when we’re looking for people who have experience in the industry… The obvious solution would be a wedding jobs board – which didn’t actually exists.

StellarHallExpo_5The solution:

Why not just make one and share it with the industry?! Done.

Join as an employer, join as a job hunter, try it out, tell us what you think, offer suggestions… Welcome to the board!


Who can use this Job Board?

EMPLOYERS can take advantage of this wedding industry job board if you are:

  • Business owners who specialize in the wedding industry
  • Business ownes who need to find freelance workers to add to their team
  • Business owners who are looking to fill part time or full time positions within a growing company
  • Building your company team and want someone who’s got experience with or a passion for the wedding industry
  • Staffing your next exhibitor space
  • Hiring for sales & customer service reps in your formal wear shop
  • Looking for freelance help
  • Looking for a photography assistant, wedding planner assistant, additional people to help set up the decor at your next event, and more
  • Are¬†open to¬†offering internships

JOB HUNTERS can take advantage if you:

  • Are looking for something specific to the wedding industry
  • Have a passion for weddings
  • Have experience in the industry
  • Want to build your wedding-related portfolio
  • Are looking to be paid for what you love to do
  • Are looking for internships or co-ops in the events industry