Who can use this Job Board?

EMPLOYERS can take advantage of this wedding industry job board if you are:

  • Business owners who specialize in the wedding industry
  • Business ownes who need to find freelance workers to add to their team
  • Business owners who are looking to fill part time or full time positions within a growing company
  • Building your company team and want someone who’s got experience with or a passion for the wedding industry
  • Staffing your next exhibitor space
  • Hiring for sales & customer service reps in your formal wear shop
  • Looking for freelance help
  • Looking for a photography assistant, wedding planner assistant, additional people to help set up the decor at your next event, and more
  • Are open to offering internships

JOB HUNTERS can take advantage if you:

  • Are looking for something specific to the wedding industry
  • Have a passion for weddings
  • Have experience in the industry
  • Want to build your wedding-related portfolio
  • Are looking to be paid for what you love to do
  • Are looking for internships or co-ops in the events industry

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